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Brass Stump Shaper


Years ago Loren designed this tool to make murrini and sculptural shapes. Loren had this one made to his exact specifications. The beautiful laser engraved ¾ inch walnut handle is sturdy and the fittings prevent burning and spinning. It has a brass counterweight or you can also specify a fitting that will hold a bead as a counterweight. You can also specify an ojime bead made by Loren if you like. The shaper is 2 7/8 inches long, 2 inches wide (which is the standard length of the murrini components that Loren works with). It is cut with a full radius on one side, a tapered radius on the other and a sharp chiseled blade. The brass blade (opposed to the graphite) grabs the glass and moves it more aggressively and the metal holds a sharper edge without chipping.

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