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About Loren

As a native of Sacramento, California, Loren Stump’s career began over 41 years ago as a stained glass artist. In 1993 Loren discovered his natural talents with glass in molten form. Self-taught, he quickly mastered advanced shaded murrine, intricate sculpture, and paperweight encasement. One innovative technique Loren is known for is the manipulation of a two dimensional murrine slice into a three dimensional form. Mr. Stump is also showcased for his large scale lampwork sculptures made of soft glass. Loren’s progressive methods and expertise, along with the use of his own inventive tools, keep him in demand as a remarkable glass artist and instructor. Traveling throughout the United States and abroad, Loren is known for sharing his wisdom openly as an entertaining, patient, and tireless instructor and demonstrator. Loren’s incredible artwork has been displayed or is currently on display at the Corning Museum of Glass, The Ertz Israel Museum, and the Kyokei Fujita Glass Museum.

"I have always regarded Loren Stump as a genuine prodigy in glass.  When he first started out, he attained such a high level of skill so quickly it seemed he must have studied glass in a past life.  He is the type of glassworker who is always doing things that have never been done before, or new improved ways to do what has been done before even better.  He is an inventor and an innovator.  And he is a great teacher.  This may well be his greatest gift." 

-Robert Mickelsen